Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trying something new...

I've got some news to share by the end of the week that I am pretty excited about.  I have been thinking about stepping out of my "Katie box" for some time now.  It's not often that we get to step outside of our usual life routine. Mine of which, includes a daily commute,  long intense workweeks and time with C and hubs and a bit of personal time. Since personal time is last on the list, it usually never gets accomplished. Stay tuned later in the week for an update as I'll be sharing something that will hopefully allow me to enjoy more out of the things I am doing these days!

Oh -- and of course, this face.  Keeps me constantly aware of how blessed I am!!!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3 months!

I'm actually drawing a blank as to how to express the mixed emotions of C turning 3 months! She is becoming such a cool cat yet the unthinkable happened. I had to return to work. Yes.It.Was.Aweful.

Monday morning came and I was sick. Literally. I have been nervous for things before, ya know the usual things -- first day of school, new job, etc. but this takes the cake! John put C in her car seat and I ran for the toilet! No bueno! John yelled that he thought it was best he just go and so off they went... I was crushed! I don't have another word for it, I literally was so sad and so nervous and so scared all at the same time! Work was work, I had no emotion about coming back it was just all about C. I naturally counted the minutes until I could leave the office that day and rushed to pick her up. She was alive and well (not sure if I thought something else would happen) and that made me happy. Each day that week got better and better. I am not going to lie, we are only on week 3 and each Monday I have the same feeling in my stomach -- I hate leaving her. But again, the days of the week pass and I just keep my eye on the weekend when I can spend the WHOLE day with her and John!

 Charlotte is a BLAST these days. She is smiling and we have gotten some giggles! We then spend the next 10 minutes trying to get her to do it again which doesn't happen but we at least try!

 A lot has happened since the 2 month post:

-  You are sleeping in your crib!  The week I went back to work, was the first week we transitioned you with no problems!  I had more of an issue with you leaving our room than you did (surprise, surprise).
- You take a bottle no problem. Some days you seem iffy about it but you will still take it. I feed you in the morning and at night straight from the tap though and during the day you get the bottle while I am away. - I returned to work and brought the pump -- holy moly! This is proving itself to be challenging. I am pumping 3 times at work (830, 1130, 230). So in case you think of me during those times you can pretty much assure I am at work with no shirt on!
 - You take and want a pacifier! I do not know if the bottle is also correlated with this but when you became proficient with the bottle you also wanted the pacifier during nap/night. You are fine without it but when you start to fight sleep, the pacifier helps calm you down --because boy do you fight sleep!
 - We are still 90% breastmilk. You are getting some formula supplementation. My first week back at work I saw a significant decrease in milk production (which I quickly did everything known to man to fix it) so we had to put an ounce or two of formula in with the BM to ensure she was satisfied! We are still supplementing bottles with formula when needed which is fine with me in case pumping at work becomes more difficult. I have set a new BF goal to 6 months (my original was 3 months) so we will see how it goes and the decision at 6 months. I am taking it day by day at this point and that seems to be working.
 - BUMBO SEAT. You are using  the bumbo seat and loving sitting up. We started noticing that when you were in your "laydown" chairs/swings, you were constantly pulling your head up and trying to sit up -- so we pulled the bubmo seat out and SUCCESS!

 - All 3 month clothes at this point.
 - You are in size 1 diapers which are getting a little tight around those legs again. I am thinking a change may be on the horizon.
 - We don't have a Dr. visit this month but we are guessing you are around 14 lbs!
 - Still eating every 2-3 hours during the day and maybe once in the middle of the night. It varies, sometimes you sleep through and other times you get up for a quick feeding and back down you go!

This month John and I also made our first outing together sans baby!  Oh my, I know!  We celebrated my BFF's 30th and it was a blast..

Can't believe the end of summer is approaching, where is the time going?!?!?!?!?


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I know, I know.. 2 month post for someone who is not 2 months!

So... I know what your thinking. I.AM.A.HORRIBLE.BLOGGER. This quite possibly may be true, BUT it's only because I am working really hard at being a GREAT MOM! BOOM! Now What!?!?!?!?!

I promise I haven't skipped C turning 2 months. I took the obligatory pictures and ensured that I jotted down her stats and all the fun things of that month, I just never got around to translating that here. So not a total fail but a fail nonetheless. Charlotte turning two months was VERY bittersweet. I could feel the days slipping away that I had with her and I knew with the two month milestone meant my time with her at home was ending. She handled the two month shots much better than I did, she gained weight like a champion (holla) and the doctor was pleased that we were still BF and C is as healthy as can be.

Two months was a great month for us, smiles were really starting to come out for BOTH mom and dad and we made the first out of town trip with her during this time as well. I feel like I need an entire separate post on traveling with a two month old while still exclusively breastfeeding as that had some major challenges but the weekend was so much fun. All my besties from out of town got to meet C and all of us celebrated Alissa getting hitched! C was not taking a bottle at all at this point so it was from the tap only which proved quite challenging for this bridesmaid! We made it through though with some secret breastfeeding spots all over pittsburgh and she did great. Hubby gets a shout out too on the blog for this weekend as he dealt with all the meltdowns from a hungry C while I tried to balance my time between her and wedding activities. This weekend was challenging for him but we both felt that it ended with him and C having a great bond and her knowing that she can be soothed and comforted by someone other than mommy (mommy also learned this too).

  - You are no longer in NB diapers, you have moved to Size 1's.
  - You can still wear newborn clothes but I find that I am putting you in 3 month clothing for the most part as some of the NB stuff is certainly getting tight!

Memorable Moments:
 - You are still sleeping in mom and dad's room and mom loves that!
 - You are still a great night sleeper but fight naps during the day like no other.  We are working on getting you settled prior to you loosing it because you are so tired!
 - SMILES, SMILES, and more SMILES! No giggles yet but tons of smiles!
 - You are also very much working on your hand eye coordination and focusing on things in front of you.
- Still no pacifier or bottles. I am not pushing the pacifier but the bottle we have no choice so this is a daily struggle with us and I have spent a small fortune on nipples.
- You prefer quiet time at some point during the day, I do not have the house loud and I love that you and I just chat away at each other. You chat, I chat and this goes on and on... It's heaven!

You are gaining such a personality as each week passes and we are really starting to see a lot of dad in you! Most days I would say that you look most like Dad. Your hair is still light brown in some areas and darker in the back with your usual patches. I steel kisses all day long and you love chatting with Dad when he comes home from work! xoxoxo

Monday, June 17, 2013

C is 6 weeks!

We have had so many exciting things happen this past week that I should be super happy to post about but as soon as I verbalized that we are at the 6 week mark all I can think about is how my maternity leave is half over and C is already 6 weeks!

Ugh.... the thought of not being with her all day is terrible and almost impossible!

So to cheer me up I am inserting pics first in the post:

First things first, somehow in typing and texting, I am now consistently referring to you as "C."  Not sure why or when it started but it will probably continue....

- As you can see we had bottle success this week.  The first try was OMG awful.  We first tried when you were really hungry and at night and I think that was our two issues:  1. I would not recommend introducing something new when a baby is very hungry and not in a state of mind to "explore" something new and 2. night time is total comfort and cuddles and for you breastfeeding also provides comfort..not some rubber thing sticking in your face.  So on try two, I tried at the mid morning feeding and it almost occurred with no problems at all!  At this point you have taken a bottle from both John and I.  Some tries are better than others but you are working with us. 

- Out and about.  I think this week I have become the most comfortable about getting you in the car and running ad hoc errands just the two of us.  If I need/want to go somewhere, we do it.  Whereas before, I think the thought of packing all the gear and the car and all the what ifs that I only ran out IF I HAD TO!

- SMILES!  I am pretty sure you are giving us more than just gas smiles these days!  You are focusing so much more on objects and if we catch you at the right time and get close to your face your mouth opens wide and a big smile appears... we melt, literally!

- Grunts, coo's and other the other random noises:  I am not sure if there is a nice way to say this but GIRL YOU ARE NOISY!  In your sleep, while laying around, cuddling with us--whenever, wherever you are making some sort of noise.  Its not a bad noise or a cry but I think you just like hearing something come out of that mouth of yours!  We have even had a few visitors comment on how "verbal" you are already... such a nice way of putting it :)

- Not sure how much you weigh at this point since we do not have your 2 month check up for another 2 weeks but we are pretty confident that you are over 8 lbs.  You are still wearing NB clothes but i can get you into some 3 month things depending on the brand.  This week we also switched you from NB diapers to size 1..what what!!  The NB were getting too tight on those thighs of yours but don't get too excited as the size 1 are definitely big on you but we are pretty sure they are more comfortable!

All in all some very exciting things going on.  We have seen a lot of changes in you; so much so that your dad is on a mission to get a video camera purchased asap so that we can start having videos that aren't just on our phones! 


Sunday, June 2, 2013

One Month!

Time is FLYING!  We cannot believe it has been one whole month since Charlotte was born.  Furthermore, we cannot believe that we have a one month old and how much things have changed over the last 30 days.  

With summer here and the BBQ/party invites coming in, reality has hit home that yes, we have an infant and yes, we pretty much are not able to do much.  Charlotte hasn't had any of her immunizations, the weather has been extremely hot and oh yea there is that breastfeeding thing too. We also aren't on a schedule per se yet so its difficult to know when she will be napping or feeding.  

I am trying not to be too detailed about the whole breastfeeding topic on here, but I do know how much reading other bloggers and their experiences helped me.  I haven't started pumping for supply yet and to be honest I am dreading it.  I have gotten so used to the convenience of just feeding her with no clean up or process involved. We also haven't introduced a bottle yet but since she is now one month, I think we are going to try this week (which also means let the pumping begin).  I will do a post on how that goes.  Part of me is excited for John to be able to feed her (and not have me doing it all the time) but then I am also sad that I won't be doing it all the time... does this make me cray cray or what?? We are still feeding on demand for the most part but if I can tell she is just fighting sleep or seems irritable instead of offering her food (if I know that she JUST ate) we will try other forms of comfort for her. 

Even though I do not have my 6 week check up for another 2 weeks or so, I am feeling 100% back to normal.  No soreness, no discomfort, back to normal routine and energy levels.  I have actually felt that way for some time now but promised that for the first two weeks I really wouldn't push it.  One note:  I have complete numbness around my c-section scar--yep, can't feel a thing.  Not sure if this is permanent or will go away with time.  Either way, I am super excited to get clearance to work out at 6 week apt; we have been walking only and I am dying to get back to gym classes!

Here are some of Charlotte's one month happenings and a photo session of course:

- You just recently took a pacifier in the last few days; before that, you REFUSED to have anything to do with them. 
- You are starting to have some really good sleeping nights, 4 hour stretches here and there (I am almost scared to post this info in fear that this will stop).  
- You are starting to focus on objects that we put in front of you for a few seconds.  We can see your eyes following from side to side and that your eyes are trying to focus. 
- You love bath time and we love it too!  You are so relaxed during this time as long as we keep you really warm. 
- You love your hands.  They must be near your face at all times, while you are sleeping, while you are in the car seat and you have even started sucking on your fingers.  I am thinking a future thumb sucker may be in our future.  
- You are so strong and you love tummy time and can actually manage your way from one end of the couch to the other if we let you stay on your tummy long enough.  If I go to burp you and you are not done eating you literally throw your body off my shoulder. This amazes a lot of people that hold you. 

And now for the goods....

 I know one day you'll love this one.. we'll apologize then!


We couldn't be happier and look forward to your next month of fun!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Two Weeks!

Charlotte is two weeks today and we have made it through the first week of being home just her and I.  I can say that I started out the week pretty nervous (okay really nervous) but we are ending on a good note.  I made my first outing with her to John's softball game this week which was a great confidence booster.  Getting the diaper bag, car seat, stroller, etc (the list goes on and on) all together and making sure she is content in her seat is a lot to take on but we managed just fine and John was really excited when we surprised him at his game!

Charlotte cheered John on in her own way:

Two Week Happenings:

- We are not so much on a schedule but getting there.  You are eating about every 3 hours both day and night.  Your awake time during the day is great!  You are so alert when you are awake and have been doing a few minutes of tummy time.  I am sure this will increase next week and I may start to bring out a few of the millions of toys we have for you to see if anything peaks your interest!

- First Dr. Well Visit!  It went great- you are gaining weight right on schedule (now 6 lbs 15oz which makes me very happy) and you have grown 2 inches since birth (now 21.5 inches long)!  This is a great sign that we are a great team when it comes to breastfeeding! However, this week you  have had a few spit up moments that should have been captured on America's Funniest Home Video's as they required furniture wipe down and a change of clothes for the both of us!

- Jackson has pretty much adjusted to the fact that Charlotte comes first right now. Every once in a while we will catch up being a little too curious about her when she is in the swing or some other "eye-level" apparatus that we put her in that he can easily get to her.

- There are some days that when the sun is up and I go and get you up for the day, looking at you just makes me cry with such happiness.  You make me so happy that I cannot find the words to describe it.  John is amazing with you; he is so comfortable in all situations.  He comes home and can't wait to hold and cuddle with you and you two have afternoon conversations everyday as soon as he comes in (he does all the talking and you just make funny faces at him)!

All in all you were a rock star at your checkup this week and have been pretty content just hanging at the house this week with me while I do a few chores (but mostly just cuddle with you)..shhh!!! it will be our secret!